The Team



The beautiful little grasshopper may be small but he has a big heart and loves to be involved. He enjoys working with all people but his favourite thing in the world is cuddles from little kids. Grasshopper is everyone's best friend.



Lochie is one of our biggest, he is a stunning boy who loves getting up right in your face and requesting scratches and cuddles.


Trinket and Heartthrob

Trinket and Heartthrob are the newest members to the team. Trinket is a sweet little mare who has had a hard life previously. Heartthrob is quite cheeky and curious. We are hoping that these guys will join with grassy to make a mini herd and that they will enjoy spending time with children and being pampered.



Mermaid is the lead girl, she's quite independent and keeps to herself. She is very clear about her boundaries but if you win her heart she would do anything for you.



Onyx is the gentle giant of the group, he generally likes to keep to himself but does enjoy a good scratch!



Toby is the most beautiful pony to look at! He is mischievous and the best friend of grasshopper, you will see him running around and being cheeky with his little mate grassy.


Chilko and Freddie

Chilko and freddie are the newest members to join the MEAC team, they are just gorgeous but still in training and learning about manners and staying out from under the horses! They love to chase the shadows and join in on your session.



The resident barn cat, you may find him sleeping in the barn on the hay, or he may join your session to have a pat.


Beast (2010-2018)

Some of you may remember the beautiful beast, sadly he passed over the rainbow bridge last year but will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Charlie (2004-2019)

My beautiful little sidekick, Charlie sadly passed the rainbow bridge late this year to join Beast. Steph will miss him dearly.